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Growing Up With Jean-Michel Basquiat: His Sisters

Through the stories and words of his sisters Lisane Basquiat & Jeanine Heriveaux, along with supporting archival imagery and some never-before-seen works of art, VICE gets a unique look into the life and...

Keep That Same Empathy

Dear Kevin Samuels Fans, Supporters, & Disciples: Keep that Same Empathy. All y’all who don’t know Kevin Samuels personally but feel sad about his untimely passing: you are being Empathetic...

40 Million People Rely on the Colorado River and Now it’s Drying Up

The first-ever official shortage on the Colorado River is expected to be announced on Monday, Aug. 16. A shortage will mean mandatory cutbacks to some users in the Southwest and offers a stark warning of...

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The Bible

The topic of the Bible came up in our Yoga class today.  I feel that every individual is entitled to believe whatever they choose but a belief or faith does not equal fact, reality or anything that has actually...

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