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A Nigerian filmmaker living in America for the past ten years searches out spaces that connect him to his African roots. He finds Aunty Kiki, a business-minded Ghanaian woman, and Uncle Jim, an American man who is passionate about African tribal art, who are planning to open a children’s museum of African art in Baltimore. Following the couple as they move their collection from their small store into a new space farther out in the city, the film meditates on the role of art, whether in handcrafts or filmmaking, in building a community.

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Blafrokan Reflections: 

  • Do you ever question if you’re losing touch with your roots if you live in the west. or even on the continent?
  • Are African cultural artifacts now relegated to the classification of art or collectors items? Or do you see these cultural masks, staffs, sculptors and other cultural items as living history still being used or waiting to repulsed in conventional African culture and society?
  • Do you see you culture as evil or demonic? If so, who told you it was evil? Who told them and from where did they learn such thinking?
  • Would you purchase any African artifacts to collect, use or display?
  • While it is appreciated that non-Africans see value and have sincere interest in African history and culture, is it not the responsibility of African people to foremost value, preserve, protect and perpetuate African culture ad infinitum?
  • What do you think the filmmaker was trying to convey and what did you take from the film? 
  • Check out Sankofa Children’s Museum of African Cultures

Director: Retji Dakum

Principal Cast: Esther Armstrong, Jim Clemmer

Music: Vincent Fasano

Cinematography: Retji Dakum Assistant

Camera Operators: Nick Tucker | Avery Griffin

Editor: Retji Dakum Assistant

Editor: Justin Foremani

Sound Supervisor: Camila Franco Ribeiro Gomide

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Blafrokan Curated

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