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Marseille, today. Aminata works as a hairdresser in an Afro hairdressing salon, Badara works as mechanic. When they meet, their love story will change their lives.

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Blafrokan Reflections:

  • Was this your first film with subtitles?
  • Had you ever watched a foreign films made by starting Africans before viewing this one?
  • Do you relate to any of the characters? If so how?
  • Does this story remind you of a past or current love?
  • If you could have written the ending, how might have the film concluded ?
  • What do you think the filmmaker was trying to convey and what did you take from the film?

Filmmaker: Terence Nance

Cast: Aminata B’Mathie, Badara M’Gom, Naky Sy Savané, and Maman Faso

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