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When Black Women, African Spirituality and Making Money Intersect

Akum diri ubani

Igbo Proverb

There’s an Igbo proverb that says, “Akum diri ubani,” which means, “our wealth is in our people.” Interestingly, a people must first BE themselves, which requires they first “know who they are” to therefore find and tap into their wealth potential and power. When we honor the best practices, wisdoms and knowings of traditional African Original culture, we remember the ways to heal and build commerce rooted in our wholistic values. We interweave ourselves into ourselves tighter in community and harmony with one another and nature. As children of the sun and soil our connection is circular to us and it, and is the only sustenance capable of sustaining us.

Have you done any of these 3 things at least once a month?

  1. Have you prayed at an alter or shrine? If yes you are part of 8 in 10 of African Americans hoodoo.
  2. Have you consulted for a divination or reading? If yes you are part of 1 in 10 of African Americans who do or hoodoo.
  3. Do you burn candles, incense or sage as part of your spiritual practice? If yes you are part of 1 in 10 of African Americans who do or hoodoo.
  4. Do you believe prayers or veneration of your Ancestors can protect you? If yes you are part of about 1 in 3 African Americans hoodoo.

If you answered yes to any of the following, you are essentially reconnecting to who you are as an African Original person. Those hoodoo connect to their Ancestral ways are courageous enough to reclaim the self which europeans and arabs sought to destroy, the essence of what  makes you whole and YOU.

Side note: Before patronizing one of them other folks selling our culture, please check out and consider supporting our own: 

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Angele Pressley / Hoodoo Hussy Conjure Enterprises

Painting: Moonlight Spiritual 1993 by Bernard Hoyes

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