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…so ultimately man is thought in philosophy, and a nation of people that hasn’t got any thought pattern by which it can be identified is non-existent. 

Ahanyi K.O.K. Onyioha 

Reread the quote. In an ancient school of thought, the All is mind and the universe is mental. Meaning all that exists was first thought. If you don’t have a philosophy, meaning your own knowledge, wisdom, theories, understanding of your reality, life and existence, how can you exist? To adopt the thoughts, philosophies of another person renders the self non-existent. For a nation of people, Africans to accept the stripping of their own philosophy for the enveloping of foreign people’s unshared philosophical thoughts, culture, traditions and experiences is to become an nation of either automatons, or live out a mythos character devoid of authentic nationhood, or African actualization.

Long ago I realized a people could only exist so long as the philosophies, intrinsic to their identity exists within themselves. Recently I traveled to California upon hiking I was reminded I was on formally Native Kumeyaay land. I had seen people walking around San Diego not realizing some of them were direct descendants of the Kumeyaay, but remained unrecognizable. Why, their way thinking and existing is American, Western, Eurocentric, at least in not appearance or name. There remains only a shell of what once was unless they return to their way, their philosophy.  For example, what is the Kumeyaay if the only people seeking to embody their way are Irish or English? It would render the Kumeyaay non-existent as a nation, or what would remain is nation of imposters at best. 

What is interesting about the Native American’s story similarly with Africans, is we have adopted a foreign spiritual philosophy to the exclusion of our own, which makes us wanderers in our on skin, our own nations, ripe for oppression. Meanwhile, some of the foreign people’s whose philosophies we’ve embraced, realize it’s failing them and seek to learn African (Indigenous) philosophy, even assuming our identities when it suits their interests. Despite this, countless Africans still abandon this sought after African philosophical wellspring. If only it were a silly game of trading places. Consequentially, on the global stage of humanity, it is no laughing matter, unless we laugh at our folly and return to our own religious philosophy, thereby choosing to exist.

In this video, Ahanyi K.O.K. Onyioha, the Supreme Spiritual Teacher of Chiism (Godianism) explains why Africa needs its own religious philosophy as a unifying force or umbrella for African global communities when the interests of our global African communities is at stake.

Akachineke Azubuike

Akachineke Azubuike

Founder & Chief Editor: Blafrokan |
African Vanguard |African Ambassador | PhotograpHer & Creative: A Z A L I P I C T U R E S

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