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Nigerian Independence Reflection

Happy Independence Day my fellow Nigerians. Celebrate this milestone that many fought so hard to achieve, our independence from British rule and the pain of colonialism. Yes, our freedom has been marred with tumultuous leadership, of which many Nigerians, particularly our youth, are pushing back fiercely in Nigeria and Diaspora, to extract new leadership to right the ship!

It’s not easy being a Nigerian. You are judged by the actions of those individuals who have nothing to do with the real character and soul of the Nigerian people, even when our intensions are noble. You are maligned, and defined by feckless “moral police” who fail to see the poison in their own wells. 


My Nigerian brothers and sisters, never allow people to define you, your capacity to build, or your capacity to heal. Remember that it isn’t what people call you that matters, it is what you answer to.  Lose your terror of opposition from those who want to define your character, your right to JUST BE, your right to dream, or to do what is right even in spite of all the misconceptions. You see, when you give a dog a bad name you fear it and hang it without even checking to see if the dog has teeth! 

We are hardworking dreamers.  We are the pride of our Ancestors, and we lead as we must. Do those things that you know are right to do. 


Be willing to celebrate your identity, speak for yourself and define yourself. You are a noble, wise, fierce and sacred people. Stand up today, tomorrow and forever, walk in holy boldness and proclaim to the High Heavens that you have Nigerian heritage. Do so, even if you have to walk alone.


Otua ka osiri di (and so it is)

Dr. Uwa Onyioha Osimiri…yes I said it!

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Dr. Uwa Onyioha Osimiri

Dr. Uwa Onyioha Osimiri

Coach. Speaker. Healer.

Chief Dr. Uwa Onyioha Osimiri's straight-from-the-heart, passion and high energy, inspires listeners to move past their constraints and into prominence in many ways.  Dr. Osimiri is both a keynote speaker and Trainer, generating the kind of training and learning that transforms lives.

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