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In a documentary by Juliana Kasumu, a group of Black women gathers at Babybangz salon to discuss natural hair, the impact of gentrification in New Orleans, and their personal journeys toward self-love.

Blafrokan Reflections:

  • Do you have a healthy relationship with African hair? What is your association with hair textures and colors in proximity to beauty?
  • Does good hair flow freely and nappy hair need loving,,style “taming” of some sort?
  • Does texture enter your mind as it relates to dating choices, what you desire your hair or your child’s hair to look like?
  • Would you ever rock a pre-colonial traditional African hair style? Why or why not? Go for it see how it feels.
  • What do you think the filmmaker was trying to convey and what did you take from the film?

Director and Producer By: Juliana Kasumu

Featuring: Anastasia Ebel

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