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You Can’t

There's many things as a man you can do,
Build mansions and pyramids and empires too.
Spout wisdom or foolishness, all up to you.
Be a king or a jester, your choice, that's true.

But my beliefs are not within your purview.
Black men curse us, revile us, compete with us all day, 
But if you ask me how I see them, here's what I'll say.
I see my daddy, my first hero for real,
And my grandfather, the original man of steel will, 
And my uncles, play brothers, who uplifted me,
And my coaches and teachers who challenged me to be
Fearless and ambitious, and smart and secure. 

I see the men who loved me and helped me endure,
My best friends, my lovers, my confidants strong, 
The men who've had my back all along, 

So when I see posts, and rants and comments 
Rabid with hate, and brimming with contempt,
I send positive energy.
It's plain to see these men suffer a dearth of maternal energy.

So when they puff up melanin Trump wannabes,
I counter with Michelle Obama maturity. 

I know who I am; that was instilled in me.
I know whose I am, and that is royalty.

And I uplift the king within each melanated man
Because regardless of your enmity, you can't stop the divine plan. 

Woman is to balance, heal, nurture and restore 
Order where there's chaos,
Peace where there's uproar.

And one day you'll look inside and see
Your war's with you, 
It's not with me. 

I am your better half you see,
And take that from me, 

You Can’t. 



She’s the Houston organizer for 100,000 Poets for Change, honored with a Congressional Award for activism. Her poetry and prose can be found dozens of anthologies and magazines.

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