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Do You Want To Be Well

Do You Want To Be Well

By Darla Broden

I thought I was well
Believed I was normal
Seemed liked everybody
had a little something or other 
So I was within the parameters of well
Would refuse to be called sick

Yet, Spirit began to whisper  
“Do you want to be well?”
I didn’t understand
I thought I was well
Spirit began to question
my definition of wellness

Wellness shaped by a culture 
that profited by my state of un-wellness
Industries had been built
to convince me that my state was normal 
when in reality
I was sick

My being becoming sicker every day
Spirit spoke louder
“Do you want to be well?”
I began to see 
that I was indeed sick
Suffering from  
a dis-ease of spirit
My spirit had been infected 
with a virus 
caused by the propaganda
of white supremacy

I saw normal meant I was not
who I was meant to be
just a shell 
for me to benefit empire

Spirit continued 
“Do You want to be well?”
Speaking until 
I understood I was sick
and in need of healing

“Do you want to be well?”

Show me the path to healing
Spirit said at last
The drums began
the healing journey

I want 
to be 

Darla Broden

Darla Broden

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