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We are many tribes but ONE people, ONE blood. We are Black, Afro-Latino, Afro-Caribbean, African, known by countless ethnic names but undisputedly the Original people of the earth. We are BLAFROKAN. Black is the color of our melanin. Afro is the original halo and crown we wear. Ka is our soul connected to the Source.

Blafrokan’s multimedia mission is to research our past, study our present and build upon it an African wholistic future. We seek to deliver our audience and participants the uncompromising myriad of stories and perspectives that Original people bring to the world stage.  We amplify their voices to more clearly understand who they are and what they have to say by showcasing our culture through journalism, literature, art, film and more.

Our stories matter whether trial or triumph. While many have used old, tried, and failed ideas to divide us, we focus on the interconnectedness of our realities and experiences, which forge our unique and diverse identity, at every age and stage of life.  We are planting seeds for the reemergence of the ancient African World Order we are obligated to create, should we return to greatness and thrive as one people.

Therefore our motto and creed reflects the essence of our identity as a people:

Many Tribes, One Blood. ™

Bold. Brilliant. Beautiful. Boundless. BFK4™

With courage we rise.  We embody this.

From our minds spawn the greatest ideas gifted to the world. We employ this.

The crux of our beauty is MAAT and Ubuntu. We live this.

Our legacy surpasses time.  We plan this.


Akachi Azubike


Blafrokan Tribe

We are many tribes but ONE people. We are Black, Afro-Latino, Afro-Caribbean, African and Original.  We are BLAFROKAN.

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