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Divine Courage to BE.

It’s Tuesday and the fight is still on but the victory is Ours! Some say the war has lasted 400 years and counting, while others claim more than 4000 years depending on where you set the clock in Our story’s survival to remain whole, African, Original, Melanated, Black, BLAFROKAN or however you choose to identify. 

It’s Tuesday and today’s declaration and left foot forward order, “BE!” It’s simple once we overcome the complex, just BE. I know you’re questioning; be who? what? when? where? how? why? That is the detangling part, but deep inside I trust each of us intrinsically knows the answers to those questions. This is abstract, mental majic, spiritual alchemy, cultural connection, genetically encoded, this is lineage work on the return to Our way home, whole. While many of us meander down the colonized river of forgetfulness and amalgamation into whiteness, with no inclination to search for self, a growing surge attempt to spread our wings and fly below radar resurrecting ourselves, re-membering precisely who we are. However there’s something missing in our remembrance, the unadulterated divine courage to BE

I’m aware we have progressed. We declare with more conviction than ever before Our Black is Beautiful. We say it loud, “I’m Black and I’m Proud.” We Black Power fists into the air. Black Lives Matter, duly noted to us. The natural hair movement is knocking down corporate policies.  Black economic power is trending. Black Love, is hoping we decide to stay together, forever this time. We’re Black and degreed, sisters are ivory towering taking the lead. Black Mental Health stigmas are being erased. Black folks are bossing up. Put a hashtag “Black” before almost anything and you’ll find a campaign slogan and or movement in the works. And most of it is beautiful and inspiring however there is still something missing.

While it appears our recovery, healing and restoration is penetrating our deepest wounds, we are still enamored by those outside of ourselves and seeking directions and answers that can only be sourced from within.  We’re still betting on them to have “the plans” for us and studying their blueprints to build our structures, knowing an alien people cannot chart our journey’s end. I’m reminded of a lecture given by Dr. Amos Wilson speaking on this subject. How we are essentially socialized and operating out of an alien cultural expression and worldview in disharmony with our own BEing. We fall shy of us BEcoming as I have observed tell tell signs in nuanced behaviors easy to overlook. 

For example, I recently drummed in celebration of a community Elder Baba Ifalade’s birthday African drum and dance jam session. A young brother named Karmonic was intensely channelling the movements of his Ancestors, African dancing in a hypnotic like state while our lead elder drummer Baba Jebada was spiritually mounted. Baba Jebada literally drummed us into the upper atmosphere, transcending time and space! We had left Our Park (SHAPE Center). I had found myself slipping into a hypnosis on the verge of euphoric tears. There were a few women who would later share their souls burning desire to dance, to express, during that very moment, however something blocked them, restrained them to their seats. I could not understand the hinderance, considering I had nearly leaped over my own drum to dance during that spiritually climatic moment. I assured them before the last drum beat, I would help them step out of their comfort zone, so they may dance and release before the jam session was over, and they DID! Everyone from small children to elders moved expansively without inner critique, flowed, allowed themselves to BE. It was beautiful. The innerG was high! 


– Marimba Ani

That event helped me realize how deep the conditioning runs. I am convinced that while those sisters may not have known what “African” (Original) dance is “supposed” to look like, their DNA would’ve kicked in, and allowed their authentic self expression unbounded. The terrorization and socialization into conformity of our appearance, language, ideology, worldview, spiritual expression, rationalization, conduct, ceremonies and celebration are still confined by the boundaries of alien imposed forms of existence. We voyage to the edge of the gaping wondrous cosmic Black hole intimidated by their projected superstitions and ignorance, afraid to be consumed by the unknown we know as our creative essence. Have we condemned ourselves for them? What of all this Black Girl “Majic” we love hollerin about, if we’re afraid to BE Majic?

It’s Tuesday and more than 4000 years of counting ends now. It is past time we boldly stride left foot forward in divine courage to walk fully in ourselves for the sake of Ourselves. The innerG’s are clearing the way for us to BE

Ikenga! Sekhmet! Ogun! Ananu! Bena! Archangel Micheal! Heru!

Acceptance of condemnation, projections and reproach by the last humans of “evolution” onto us is over!  The first race will return to first place as we decide to BE. In BEing we live in our freedom to be Bold, Brilliant, Beautiful and Boundless, reaffirming the nexus between our humanity and divinity. 


Ise! (So may it BE!)

Akachineke Azubuike

Akachineke Azubuike

Founder & Chief Editor: Blafrokan |
African Vanguard |African Ambassador | PhotograpHer & Creative: A Z A L I P I C T U R E S

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