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222.9 The Mothership is the Future of Radio! BEAM UP!

I made contact but this was not the usual UFO. It was Unconventional Familiar and Otherworldly.  Every so often, exactly what we need has a way of finding us, abducting us from the mundane and weighted reality to align us with our purpose. Unwittingly perhaps, spirit consciously for certain, I broadcasted a beacon, signaling a radio rescue call to BEAM UP. In a matter of seconds, there I stood, star system gazing on the observation deck on an intergalactic musical exploration voyage.  Our destination, the quasars of soul sourced rhythms and lyrics. I would travel forwards and backwards through time, expanding my musical repertoire, experiencing sensual smooth grooves, relaxing meditations, introspective interviews, comedic candor, Ancestral rooted venerations, and other mystic musings. While you don’t need a golden ticket for this Mystic Music Haven on the Airwaves, you must tune-in to the correct channel, to partake in this experience with none other than the Captain or the Mother Herself, iiiYansaje T. Muse, whom welcomed me aboard The Mothership.

It’s a UFO, Unconventional, Familiar and Otherworldly!


I vividly recall a cool crisp Sunday evening. I was on a chillin at the house type vibe. I didn’t really have any plans and was in a curious mood. A simple radio app download then BEAM UP! I connected to rhythm and blues of yesterday enriching my appreciation for real music. You know the kind of music evoking hips to sway, inner songstress to sing and your head to bob and groove.  Music that will have you traveling backwards in time to “remember when,” “get togethers with the fam,” “baby making music,” and “oh yeah that’s my jam!” I reminisced on the love I had for R&B before musSICKians started replacing “sweet thang” and “honey” with bitter bitching demeaning lyrics. The smash and dash GMO lyrical content had curved by appetite for modern day radio play. For well over a decade I retired the corporatized radio DJ’s and stepped in to control my music programming selections, until I beamed up to The Mothership.


Obeah Man

Our “ascension” to Maxwell and cruise controlled into the night skies “truly adorned” by Prince Roger Nelson. From there it was silk sailing with Anthony Hamilton, Mary J. Blige and just when I thought I knew the soundtrack to this voyage, we hovered for a moment for The Mother to deliver  The Forecast, an overview of the mystic alignment of the day complete with divination. Don’t get too freaked out, sweet Mother Ethel Jean from Ebenezer still checks her horoscope daily and notes the position of the stars! It’s our tradition. As the night unfolded I reclined in my seat, mellowed while traveling up the cosmic musical freeway.  Losing track of time is effortless on The Mothership. Before long the cabin lights dimmed followed by The Mother Herself guiding us into a light centered meditation. From here we entered The Zone the Art of Noise and meditative tribal music which carried me into the astral sleep plane. 

Very soothing inspirational & spiritual, absolutely love.


Queen SamIam

As you can imagine, I woke on a high. It was clear, this is not your ordinary radio station! 6:33am, Moonday, so the mystics call it, I beamed UP to jazz standards from the likes of Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday. Now I love them all and listen to their music, however I would not typically make them my first choice waking music playlist, yet it felt right, it felt good. It flowed, so I streamed with it. I decided to take this voyage experimentally and allow the journey on The Mothership to naturally envelop my frequency. 7am Orisha music, hmm…okay that’s different.  The goon doon of the drums and singing in Yoruba tongues awakened my spirit in a refreshing way. I was tapped in. Riding these mystic musical airwaves felt extraordinarily familiar yet there’s not a station I’ve encountered like it. 9am The Mother spoke to us again, to Pour Libations over the airwaves. Yes we gave reverence to our most respected and committed good trouble Ancestors who passed down the spiritual technology for us to build our own spaceships! How dope is that!

Soul ??? for my soul. I tap deep with her selections. She is a?. I love u Miss Muse! ❤ I thankh the ancestors for u..

Shaquna Washington

By now I was constantly beamed up, or beaming back up between earthly affairs and interruptions. From interview segments with Professor James Small breaking down African astrology, to laugh out loud Paul Mooney sets unfiltered with political candor wrapped in comic relief. We voyaged down introspective alley into stories revealing life lessons from the The Mother Herself during Pataki. The music continued to coast us along but the sails of this ship were propelled by Her winds of deep, enriching, provocative frequency compositions of Unconventional Familiar Otherworldly programming. Where else, “Does my sexiness upset you? Does it come as a surprise That I dance like I’ve got diamonds, At the meeting of my thighs?” while walking on rising vibrational air exhaled by God Mother Maya Angelou during the middle of the day? And The Mothership is commercial free, no turbulence! Our “interruptions” are interludes of poetic prowess from iiiYansaje T. Muse and music fused by African Alternative Agricultural conversations wherein Baba Ifalade serves up the collards greens and beans, hand to mouth, teaching gardening liberation without unnecessary struggle nor sacrifice.

Love, Light & Uplifting.

Joshua Coleman

It’s been 25 days (2+5 = 7) since I first made contact and boarded The Mothership. This station has further awakened something inside of me, I can’t quite place. I flow a little lighter since tuning-in. The Orisha themed programming as sparked my innerCHI to flow in alignment and inspired my work endeavors for Blafrokan. I’m flying above the fray, raised by Aretha, Rachelle Ferrell, Queen Latifah and Marvin Gaye. I’m thinking The Last Poets speaking Gil-Scott Heron and easing Miles Davis traveling Coltrane. I’m feeling rooted in our soul sourced rhythms and lyrics on cruise control through the quasars. It is for those reasons and beyond I recommend my tribe of mystical musical minds to BEAM UP to The Mothership.

The Mother, iiiYansaje T. Muse’s story from concept to birth of The Mothership!

Akachineke Azubuike

Akachineke Azubuike

Founder & Chief Editor: Blafrokan |
African Vanguard |African Ambassador | PhotograpHer & Creative: A Z A L I P I C T U R E S

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