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The New Black Cool: Growth, Maturity & Square

Ciara and Russell Wilson/ Instagram

Rapper Slim Thug’s recent comments on Houston local radio show, 97.9 The Box landed him in the hot seat after he challenged musical artist Ciara’s motivations for marrying husband and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson.

“Do a woman who used to talk to Future, really want a Russell Wilson?…I don’t believe it. I think it’s all financial stability….” – Slim Thug

While Silm Thug repeatedly emphasized there was no hate towards Russell, how he supports his shoe line and wishes blessings upon or their marriage, his comments were received anything but.

Ciara clapped back at the negative mentality of people throwing shade at her relationship, self growth and decision to “LEVEL UP.

Let’s Not Make Things Complicated, When They Don’t Need To Be ? #LevelUp

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In a video, Slim Thug later apologized and attempted to explain his questioning of Ciara and Russell’s relationship. Does a woman truly desire a good guy “square,” over the bad guy who is “street,” and considered “cool?” Had this sort question been posed by a teenager, it may seem sensible. However, this was a asked by a grown man, regarding a grown woman and mother’s choices regarding relationships. Does the African-American or rap/hip hop cultural mentality need to level up it’s thinking?

Relationships with the “cool” street dude can land a woman in some unsavory life impacting circumstances. Last we checked it’s not cool to catch a charge for your street dude. It’s not cool to be victim of gun violence because of your street dudes dealings, big ego and immaturity. It’s not cool for your child to visit their father in prison. It’s not cool to be a single mother or beefing with your child’s father because your bad boy was disinterested in manhood, meaning being a responsible husband and parent. Only a lame would find it acceptable to intentionally position his woman in the aforementioned situations. Perhaps we need to redefine what is truly “cool,’ ‘lame” and worthy of emulation in the African-American, rap/hip hop cultural community.

“He’s just a corny dude. He’s just like a square…lame” – Slim Thug

LL Cool J, Wife and Children 2018 baby shower

What’s cool is earlier this year, rapper LL Cool J and his wife Simone Smith celebrated 24 years of marriage. They have a beautiful Black family and successful businesses creating legacy wealth. Cool men control their emotions, check their egos, and maturely handle themselves and their business. Cool men are those considered nerds, intellects and professional. Some of these cool brothas may not have the strongest hoop game but are on the cusp of scientific breakthroughs and innovating sustainable technology. What’s cool is the nephew or cuzzo who served time and decided it’s better to be a little square, read some books or go back to school, and become family man. Cool men are admirable husbands and fathers to their Black families and community.

Ciara and Russell Wilson’s Family/ Instagram

What is not Cool and should not be tolerated are Black men bashing other Black men for leveling up as positive role models and stepfathers as did Russell Wilson. If the culture or mentality of a people shames and criticizes growth, maturity, and the kinds of characteristics often associated with squareness, “good,” then we have accepted a mentality of regression and immaturity, just ignorant, lame, destructive and defeating to our communities.

Level up the culture of cool.

Eric Benet stirs the pot on rap culture in Instagram post. 

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