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Pan Africa Food Festival

HOUSTON – From Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, to the Bahamas, St. Lucia, Louisiana, and Texas there was something there for everyone. The options ranged from jollof rice, BBQ, crawfish etouffee, puff puffs, and injera, to aki fish, pounded yam and okra soup. One’s tastebuds could travel back and forth across the Ethiopian Ocean (Atlantic) and Caribbean waters of diverse African cuisines expressed uniquely yet cultivated historically from the same roots spread across the world.

While most of the food vendors seemed to represent local caterers and a few restaurants, it was enlightening for those looking to expand their lunch, dinner and order-in options beyond the chain restaurant and fast food scene. The food vendors were gracious to share their dishes as our food expert Khalieb Rufael aka “Cheff Truffle” sampled several dishes. Many of the caterers offered Uber Eats or some form of delivery for convenience.

For those looking to do some shopping, there were Ankara clothing boutiques, fashionable and one of a kind jewelry lines, designer shoe lines, painters and authors, African/Black business consultants and other trinkets uniquely selected to pique the interest of the crowd. Pan-African unity was in full display from the well-mixed crowd of diverse African ethnic representation. The DJ kept everyone on their feet and dancing at the selfie photo lounge.

The interest for this event was so explosive the host moved the venue to a more accommodating venue. The Pan Africa Food Festival certainly has potential to grow in a city like Houston as the barriers of cultural ignorance breaks down and the rise of pan African unity is sought after to reconnect, rebuild and restore Pan African cooperative economics. Kudos to Elite Events Group Cultural Organization.



We are many tribes, ONE blood. The Original people of the earth. Black, the color of our melanin. Afro, our halo and crown. Ka, our soul connected to the Source.

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