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Keep That Same Empathy

Dear Kevin Samuels Fans, Supporters, & Disciples:?

Keep that Same Empathy.❤️

All y’all who don’t know Kevin Samuels personally but feel sad about his untimely passing: you are being Empathetic.?

All y’all who are denouncing people for mocking Kevin’s death: you’re experiencing Empathy.?

Now, that you are in an Empathetic state of mind, & you’ve demonstrated the capacity for Empathy, let’s build on that.?

The reason people are not sensitive to Kevin’s death & the sadness it provokes in you is due to Kevin’s consistent lack of Empathy for people he deemed to have Low Value & No Value.?

Empthay is extremely necessary & good, it’s central to one’s own well-being & one’s capacity to make a positive impact in society; so much so that people who publicly fail to demonstrate Empthay are called Sociopaths & Psychopaths.?

So, take the Empathetic state that Kevin’s death has put you in & cultivate it, expand it. Allow your empathy to go beyond Celebrities, High Value Men, Women you deem worthy of Love/Lust. Cultivate & Expand your Empthay to the vulnerable, the impoverished, the lonely, the weak, the unemployed, the low-mid income earners, the unknown Black women & men that Kevin made millions dunking on.?

If you do this I promise; the quality of your relationships, your intimate connections, your entire life will improve, and when you die everyone will lament your passing instead of you being Mocked & Memed for Filth.⚰️

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Diallo Kenyatta

Diallo Kenyatta

The Bro. Diallo Show discusses history, politics, culture, & the ongoing struggle for justice, from a radical, Pan-African Perspective.

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