Dr. Umar Johnson Announces FDMG Academy Location

Dr. Umar Johnson announced February 9, five days earlier than the planned the FDMG Academy (Frederick Douglas Marcus Garvey Academy) location and published a video of the campus that will hold 2 schools; Frederick Douglas Building and Marcus Garvey Building in Wilmington Delaware.

He announced this location as the headquarters of the National Independent Black Parent Association (N.I.B.P.A.) and the International Movement for the Independence and Protection of African People also known as Team Pan Afrikan.

The FDMG Academy intends to host annual community and international events:

  • FDMG Pan African Family Festival
  • International Black Woman’s Festival
  • International Black Man’s Festival
  • International Pan African Youth Conference

Expanding beyond a school Dr. Umar also declares this site a community center, a think tank, headquarters to the N.I.B.P.A. and Team Pan Afrikan organizations but ultimately the 21st century 1st Black Wall Street and development area for a Black owned grocery, bank, hospital and farm.

The FDMG’s curriculum focus for this all boys school:

  1. Economic & Financial Science
    Wealth Building
    International Investments and Banking
    Stock Market
    Real Estate
    Principles of Interests
  2. Dietary & Nutritional Science
    Vitamin & Minerals
    Eat to live
    Agricultural and Agronomical Science
  3. Science of Community & Family
    Training to become Fathers, Sons, Organizers and Leaders
  4. Political Science
    Understand the world which they (African males) live
  5. Spiritual Science
    Astrological and cosmological spiritual systems Africans gave the world
  6.  Science of Being Men

The curriculum also includes the study of African languages, African martial arts, a focus on community service and 90% raw vegan school diet. He promises the FDMG Academy will lead to the rectification of “problems in Black America” and beyond that face Africans regarding issues of racism and self-hate, organizational tribalism, Black male and female relationships, colorism, economic disorganization and the Black bourgeois elitism.

Dr. Umar assures parents and students there will be no special education nor recommendation for behavior reforming drugs. He promises a school where students will never be disciplined with out of school suspension nor fear of being arrested by the police on campus.

Saving Black children is my life. Saving Black boys is my pledge. Helping Black mothers is my focus. Empowering Black fathers is what I live for.

– Dr. Umar Johnson

Dr. Umar Johnson requests continued donations for repairs and renovations to the school. He petitions applicants for work or volunteering at the FDMG Academy to contact him.

After a controversial fundraising campaign that has led to allegations of fraud and deceit, YouTube commenters respond to school announcement with excitement, restored belief, skepticism and precautious celebration.

I never gave up on Umar 💪🏾💪🏾✊🏾✊🏾. This is history I would LOVE TO COME TEACH OR BARBER at this school brush. – YoungKing

TheBarberShow us the deed! show us a ledger of where all of the money has gone that has already been donated before asking for more money. Who’s the real estate agent. What’s the address of the school. How much did the school cost out of all the money you collected. When will it open where are the board of directors. Did the city of prove it. Is the government approving it. Is it a nonprofit organization or a for-profit organization. These are things that you’re donators have a right to know!! – Wigs N’ Wine TV

I’m sorry I started to doubt you and listen to the noise they really talked me into thinking you took my money I will be the first person to say I’m sorry and I’ll be happy to donate again..I have never been so happy swallow my words thank you -Russell Lawrence

I doubted but if this i legit. More power to you and congrads 🤗🤗🤗 – Zambia McCorvey

I really hope this is real. I watched the video and it seemed sketchy. The message was great and the video was setup nicely but not what I think he would do if he actually purchased a school. I’ve watched many of his videos and he’s very confident. This seems suspect. – Reginald Marshall

I’ve been praying for this day to happen regardless of the haters. I’m supporting👏👏👏 – Gifi Amo


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