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2 Minutes 28 Seconds, Inspired by dr. YABA BLAY

Dear SiStar Yaba Blay, 

Inhale, exhale. That felt good; I needed that! We all did! Thank you for being authentic, demonstrating African integrity and Black self respect for the audience and those within your sphere influence. I’m sure it made some folks uncomfortable (shrugs). While I am personally beyond the point of conversation them (white folks), what you said needed to be heard and replayed for deep listening and thinking. Thank you for being willing to have such a candid, politically incorrect conversation. No question you have inspired those who were timid to assert themselves, if stricken by fear to have courage, and those vacillating in doubt to trust within. I believe you, we, us as a people just sat up straighter, adjusted our crowns, cleared our throats, stretched our bodies and minds from listening to 2 Minutes and 28 Seconds uninhibited truth. Of course, I since listened to the interview in its entirety and highly recommend it to Black women, and especially Black men. I know you’re a Sag; I cannot help but wonder are you too a child of Yaa! Either way may your fire never extinguish, the world needs you to STAY LIT!

May we all get properly dressed and prepared, shoulder squared, chin up, chest out and march in unison LEFT FOOT FORWARD to African sovereignty!!! Ise!!!

Yaa SiStar,


Regarding white women:

We’re done! No more kowtowing, pussyfooting, sugar coating, side stepping, half breathin’ commentary, just action! Your feelings do not override mine, ours, my people’s existence. Nope, you will not undermine our heart wenching experiences, standing blameless, nor deny our right to thrive on planet earth, Asase Yaa! Your tears are denied, dismissed, defunct at this juncture in time. What time is it? 4000 years and counting of history, concurrently aggressing, invading, oppressing, lying and murdering by you, yours, your people’s inhumanity; the self proclaimed quintessential humans, yeah right. This that African spice, hot, rough not ground, ain’t nothing nice “stupid” about us, neither our analysis of your incessant role in global white terrorism and domination. You, yours, your people’s tyranny is over. You want to talk, fine we’re keeping it 100 proof! No chaser when it comes to the business of African/Original people, our position and aims. Our birthright to this planet will be upheld. 

I am sick of your shit!

“TT” (Set It Off)

It is 2022, according to your Gregorian calendar but on my African watch I have long been on some FK your feelings and white tears innerG freeing myself to breathe deeply, fully and soar to my purposeful potential, so get over yourself.

Look at me, I’m the captain now!

Muse (Captain Philips)

This planetary house is being rearranged, redecorated, rehabilitated into divine order by the Original inhabitants and stewards of humanity; our kosmic assignment accepted. So warning, should you get out of line or in the way,

Move or you will be moved. 

Okoye (Black Panther)

It is highly recommended you play a righteous role like the your ancestors who aided Nana Harriet Tubman on the Underground Railroad. Otherwise, you may find yourself Yaba Blay’d or Yaa Asantewaa’d up in this Mother by any means necessary. 


Not angry, just clear and straight to the point!

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The Power of Rethinking Everything with Dr. Yaba Blay

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

1. Why the construct of beauty is oppressive, but the essence of beauty is freedom.

2. What living with integrity looks like.

3. Why Dr. Blay doesn’t need any more allies—and what she really wants from an accomplice.

4. How “Karens” have been around for centuries—and the direct line from “Miss Anne to Karen.”

5. Dr. Blay’s greatest hope for her granddaughters—even if she doesn’t like it.

Akachineke Azubuike

Akachineke Azubuike

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African Vanguard |African Ambassador | PhotograpHer & Creative: A Z A L I P I C T U R E S

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