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A Lit Family Reunion: Ghana Fest 2022

HOUSTON, TEXAS – Ahhh…Ghana Fest! It was truly lovely, a homecoming of sorts. In many ways it was a momentary escape from an ever troubling world, to simply experience the beauty of African people in community, harmony, dance, laughter and joy. To think I almost missed this event, again! 

This was my first Ghana Fest and it purely felt like a massive family affair with cousins, aunties and uncles everywhere! The park location worked perfectly and the weather was in our favor with scattered cloud cover, reducing the extreme heat. The company picnic size pavilion allowed for a massive eating and gathering area, the open field provided plenty of room for the soccer matches and the large playground for the children was never empty. 

There was literally something for everyone. The vendors had some great fashions, jewelry, handbags, body care products, and other unique offerings! The DJ was fire so you know we stayed lit! We all dipped our hips, bobbed our heads, or moved our feet at some point or another. But truth be told, the kids brought all the energy and entertainment! They were too hype whippin, breakin they legs, Nae Nae in’ and dancing in competition. One little sis shut it down! The teens really showed up and displayed their might to aid the younger children in the tug of war battle. During the sack race some kids jumped faster than they could keep up and the rest of their energy I imagine was burnt off jumping in the bounce houses. 

Might I mention the Ghanian food was bomb per usual; yes the Igbo woman said it! I love Ghanaian cuisine! The line was lengthy but well worth it. Everyone was fed and satisfying heaping portions. Much love and respect to the Aunties and Uncles who cooked, pounded yam, the held it down on the grill, ya’ll did that! Dare I say, I salute myself for pounding yam for the first time!  

Overall it was just a beautiful day. I came full and left overflowing from the good vibes,  and reconnecting with folks hardly seen during the covid pandemic. Time passes quickly, as this was their first Ghana Fest since the covid interruption. Children were taller than remembered, some with peach fuzz above their lips and others of us a bit thicker; either way we all looked good, and I was grateful to be part of Ghana Fest 2022!

Much appreciation to Ghanian Association Houston (GAH), all volunteers, the vendors, the fam at Ghanian Urban Movement (GUM) who welcomed me into the greater community and everyone who made this possible! Also much love my extended family, my Fante sister Hannah Ghartey and Ewe Brother Kevin Behati. This was family a reunion for myself as an adopted Asante daughter of Ejisu, Kumasi, Ghana, named “Yaa”. Here’s looking forward to next year’s 4th Annual Ghana Fest! 

Akachineke Azubuike

Akachineke Azubuike

Founder & Chief Editor: Blafrokan |
African Vanguard |African Ambassador | PhotograpHer & Creative: A Z A L I P I C T U R E S

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